Elizabeth Louise Castaldo

Uprooted, and The Forgotten Games of Flight and Song
by Elizabeth Louise Castaldo

Within my box “Uprooted and the Forgotten Games of Flight and Song” I was contemplating the plight of so many migratory birds and butterflies that have become extinct due to humans altering or destroying the eco systems In which they thrive to the point they could no longer survive there. As a parallel I thought about the millions of people who are forced to migrate due to climate change related conditions that have made it difficult to continue living in their home countries. These people leave everything behind to make long and dangerous journeys, only able to take along a few keepsakes, making their way to places that may be hostile to their arrival, but this is what they must do for survival. The Monarch butterfly, which has become a potent symbol for the migrant justice movement and is also in danger of extinction can remind us that we must do all we can to ensure that living things including humans do not continue to succumb to climate change.


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