No artist is an island

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No artist is an island. Harnessing wide-ranging interests to create striking works unconfined by limitations, Joseph Cornell’s life and art are the inspiration behind Introspective Collective. Aspects of Cornell’s output—visual and lyrical poetics, collage, assemblage, found objects, and dance—provide a framework to explore how the individual and the community interconnect to create art that can be reflective while contributing to discussions about societal concerns. Issues such as climate change and the Hurricane Maria disaster are addressed through diverse media including assemblage, letterpress, photograph, sound art, and first-person narrative.

Introspective Collective – A Joseph Cornell Co-op, was exhibited at the LES Gallery at The Clemente, New York City, from December 7th 2018 until January 20th 2019.

Funding for Introspective Collective was provided by The Clemente, by a grant from The Robert and Joseph Cornell Memorial Foundation, and by an Emergency Grant from the Foundation for Contemporary Arts. We are grateful to The Center for Book Arts for their help and support.