We are the Introspective Collective

Dear Artists, Poets and Friends,

First things first,
THANK YOU for jumping into this.
As the journey is the destination, we are already half-way there.
Now, details details:
We got approved to receive funds for the installation, as well as for an outreach workshop for teens and a panel discussion later in January. It was a last-minute grant from The Joseph and Robert Cornell Memorial Foundation, via The Center for Book Arts. The funds are modest but this is not a small deal: we can now hire the professional who will install the grid where the boxes will fit (as opposed to winging it) and we can print the wall-texts, which will be substantial and bilingual. I think having a panel is particularly important because we have an opening in the thick of the holiday season, so it is nice to have another go at bringing people in.
This is the list of important things that you can do to help us prepare:
  • Postcards: how do you want your name to be printed?
  • Opening: the contract we are signing stipulates that the organization will provide 3 (three) bottles of wine for the opening. No, not a joke. So Kara and I are thinking about coming up with finger food for the opening and assigning each of you for a bottle of whatever you please. How does that sound?
  • Boxes: we are pleased to share that parts from Big Reuse (an environmental non-profit in Gowanus) are ready. About those:
    • The final inside measurements are 10x10x4 (the outside is 12×12)
    • Please let us know how you prefer it (except if you are an out-of-town special case) We will cut binder’s board for the back of it, but as for the walls, this is what will look like once the parts are put together:


Option A: you could have the 04 walls plus the binders board back disassembled:


Option B: we can put it together for you. It will be like this (Kara’s feet for scale):


As I mentioned before,
– the inside is yours to do as you please. That is inclusive of the binder’s board for the back, which you may cover with anything or leave it raw. We are not having a front cover, so the lid area (where it might have been a piece of plexi) is also yours to create, or leave it as is.
– the outside of the frame is meant to be left in its salvaged stage as much as possible for consistency, meaning: please leave it as is.
Important: for those of us working without a front cover, please secure the contents inside: The Clemente does not offer insurance, the nearest security person is a ways from the gallery area, and the gallery area also functions as a foyer for the theater. Good for foot traffic and exposure, but it comes at a price. I don’t think it is far-fetched to imagine that something endearing could be pocketed. The box frame will be screwed at the base to the display frame, so it will not be possible to just “walk away” with the box. Still, we think that adding anything of particular value to your creation is not advisable.
Feel free to contact us with questions.
Hooray for our side,

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