Would you want to be in a group show, like, now?

Good news is, a project I submitted in the past got fished out of the applicants pool as a sub for another project that fell through.
The other news is, install next month. Early next month. Ain’t we lucky.
So, I was wondering, who would interested in participating, given that is all happening, well, very soon? Basically, now?
Yes? No? Maybe? Please read on. Poetry will appear a few paragraphs down, I promise.
Hello, hello!
Yes, it is true, Kara and I are organizing an exhibition with opening date Dec 7th (2018, that is) at The Clemente, in the Lower East Side. It runs til Jan 20. Installation date: December 5th.
The conceptual framework etc is below. Long story short, each participant will have a 12x12x4″ box to fill in with material inspired by climate change.
To add texture, we are embarking on an adventure of making the wooden boxes this weekend.  Yes, we are (I keep on repeating that line to remind myself that it this is going to happen).
We are secured the parts from salvaged wood, and we will put them together. If you are in, and have a desire to assemble your own box, we can totally give you the pieces. A couple of curatorial directives though: all box frames are to be identical, so no painting or otherwise changing the surface of the wood. Think of it as a common ground, or as a blank canvas for us all to start with, and/or be constrained by. The fourth wall, which would be where the lid is, is free-form – you may add whatever you please to it.


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