Panel Discussion Saturday, January 19th at 2:30 PM at The Clemente

Altruism and art-making: inherent contradictions will be moderated by Drake Tyler. Our wonderful panelists are Aurora De Armendi, Amanda Deutch and paul singleton iii.

An interesting discussion on the dichotomies and synergies between creating art and caring for others seems a fitting end to the Introspective Collective run at The Clemente. Coffee and cookies will be served!




Introspective Collective awarded a Foundation for Contemporary Arts Emergency Grant

A big THANK YOU to the Foundation for the Contemporary Arts for giving the Introspective Collective Artists an Emergency Grant. Besides allowing the Introspective to give a stipend to each artist, the grant will also allow us to provide professional documentation of the installation and boxes, plus filming the panel discussion on January 19th.

Read more about the FCA here. And be sure to follow them on Instagram. 


I finished my box, I finished my box!

caminante closer closeup sml

Found a good poetic rendering in English for this line on the wall in Spanish:

“Wayfarer, there is no way;

Only wake-trails on the waters”

(Antonio Machado’s “Caminante no hay Camino”,

translated by Rafael Rolón Muniz, from Puerto Rico)


caminante closeup sml.JPG

Another steep learning curve: shadow boxes are very difficult to photograph.

Of course.

caminante sml

It will look better on the gallery wall, along with its box siblings…

Seeking information about Hurricane Maria’s impact on people with disabilities

Hello all–
Kara here. As some of you know, part of the installation will be dedicated to highlighting how Hurricane Maria was particularly destructive for people with disabilities and their caregivers.
This ties into the show on many levels. Joseph Cornell was himself a caregiver for his brother Robert, who had severe cerebral palsy. They had, by all accounts, a warm a loving relationship. I could not do half the things I do without my amazing support network: my husband, my family, my friends and colleagues. Knowing I have such wonderful people to lean on gives me a chance to stand tall.
If you know anyone who would like to share their experiences living through the disaster, please write us and let us know. Our goal is to have a wall filled with quotes from individuals with functional diversity, and their caregivers. The text will be in Spanish and in English.
I am happy to send emails, messages, talk, or Skype. We just want to give people a chance to tell what has happened to them to a wider audience.